How Scottie Scheffler and Sam Burns propelled each other to PGA TOUR success

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – Scottie Scheffler added a green jacket to his wardrobe this year, but he’s wearing something slightly more casual on this Wednesday evening. A Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co. T-shirt and sweatpants cover the thick, 6-foot-3 frame of this former high-school basketball player as he sprawls out on a couch in a rented home in the Memphis suburbs, recovering after a long day in the summer heat at the end of a long year. Sam Burns and his wife, Caroline, walk in the front door carrying plastic bags filled with the barbecue that this area is famous for, and soon the dining room table is obscured by enough red meat to give a cardiologist chest pains. The next day, Scottie and Sam will tee off in the headlining group of the FedEx St. Jude Championship, but tonight they feast. Scheffler and his wife, Meredith, sit at the table alongside the Burnses and Brad Payne, the president of College Golf Fellowship and one of the leaders of the TOUR’s Bible study. Plates are filled with brisket, ribs and macaroni and cheese. Sarcastic barbs are exchanged, existential matters discussed. The conversation shifts at whiplash speed between the mundane and the profound. The scene feels exceedingly normal considering two of the participants are among the best golfers in the world. Professional golfers, they’re just like us. The desire for normalcy is a fundamental part of the relationship between Scottie and Sam, one that’s been mentioned on television broadcasts and in articles throughout the year as the two 26-year-olds have continued to win – seven tournaments combined and counting this season. It’s easy to forget that the two friends, promising prospects since their amateur days, began this season with one TOUR title between them. So much has happened, so fast. Burns has cracked the top 10 in the Official World Golf Ranking for the first time and Scheffler reached No. 1. They were the top two players in the FedExCup for much of the season, as well. “When we get home every night, we are with our wives doing the exact same thing we did a year ago,” says Scottie. “If we are 100th in the FedExCup next year, it’s going to be the same. I harp on that a lot; we don’t want our lives to change a lot off the course. (Staying with the Burnses) is such an easy reminder. If my head actually gets too big, he will be the first to say, ‘You’re being a real jackwagon.’” To which Sam quickly replies, “I would love to.” His smile shows the pleasure he would take in putting the Masters champion in his place. Both couples enjoy a simple existence, even as they’ve earned millions of dollars. Scottie famously drives a decade-old SUV and the Burnses still live in the small Louisiana town of Choudrant, which had less than 1,000 residents and no Chipotles as of 2020. Scottie and Sam have known each other since they were teenagers, but their bond has deepened on TOUR, as has their faith, which they credit as the foundation of their friendship, even more than college football or their shared vocation. The couples have shared rental houses at most TOUR stops this year. They’ve vacationed in Europe together and competed in everything from board games to a spot on a Ryder Cup team and a PGA TOUR trophy. They want to win but also to encourage each other, embodying the famous proverb that says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” They share tips on course strategy and putting drills, but also support each other on those weeks when the center of the clubface feels the size of a pinhead and trade counsel on how to live out their faith and love their wives well. “It has everything to do with who they are in Christ,” says Payne, who’s also their occasional housemate. “Because of that, there’s an elevated sense of security and depth of friendship. They’re not just friends. They’re family. “When you know, ‘I’m not alone,’ there’s a rest and a peace there.” Or, as Scottie says, “We know it’s OK to not be OK.” That’s why he could say after his Masters win that he “cried like a baby” before the final round, a rare admission for a new major champion. It was the most memorable moment from his victory, more than the crucial chip-in on the third hole or the shocking, but inconsequential, four-putt on the final green. The adversity faced by professional golfers pales in comparison to what others may overcome, but there are universal struggles shared across stations. A missed cut is still frustrating, and a stretch of several in a row can send the mind spiraling. Tough times can feel interminable. Isolation can make it worse. That’s why a trusted friendship is invaluable in the lonely world of an individual sport. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” When Burns went nearly two months between made cuts at the start of the year, Scheffler reminded him that he’d gone through the same thing a year earlier. “When I tell Scottie, ‘Hey, I feel deflated and golf feels impossible,’ he’s most likely felt that exact same thing,” Sam says. They try to be transparent and open with each other, speaking honestly about their fears and struggles instead of blaming poor play on bad breaks or missed puts. Sometimes, simply observing how other navigates their new status in the golf world is enough. Scottie likens it to growing up at Dallas’ Royal Oaks Country Club, where he learned by watching TOUR players like Justin Leonard, Ryan Palmer and Colt Knost. Just as players in the same group feed off each other’s good play, Scottie says he and Sam have done the same this year. The relationship took on a new dimension last fall, when they were both candidates for the final Ryder Cup roster spot. When U.S. Captain Steve Stricker called Sam to tell him that he wouldn’t be on the team, he felt conflicting emotions because he knew the spot would go to Scottie. The Schefflers called soon after, and the couples spoke for a half-hour to process the emotions. “That can ruin a friendship if it’s not something that’s talked about,” Scottie says. He beat Jon Rahm, then the world’s top-ranked player, as part of the U.S. win. Burns won his second PGA TOUR title the next week at the Sanderson Farms Championship. At the time, Scheffler was still without a PGA TOUR win. Sharing those doubts with Burns – “Is this really ever going to happen?” Scheffler admits wondering – helped ease the burden. “Golf will put you in bad places real quick,” Scheffler says. They’ve also been able to share in each other’s successes. Sam missed the cut in his Masters debut this year, but as he and Caroline left their Augusta house on that Saturday morning they asked how they could pray for the Schefflers before the most important 48 hours of Scottie’s career. A month later, Scottie and Sam were in a playoff at the Charles Schwab Challenge. Sam made up a seven-shot deficit, posting a 65 early, while Scottie shot 72, the wind whipping as he navigated the back nine. Scottie made par on 18 just to force a playoff. “You didn’t think I’d let you off that easy, did you?” he asked when he saw Burns before the playoff. No, but Burns sank a 40-footer for birdie to win on the first playoff hole. Undoubtedly frustrated after not making a birdie in the final round, Scheffler was still smiling as he embraced his victorious friend. When asked about the early days of their friendship, Sam mentions a pool stick and Scottie lights up at the reference to junior golf-hijinks. During a tournament, Sam broke a pool cue in the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse while using it like a baseball bat to hit a ping-pong ball. The broken piece flew into a window and broke a shutter. “The next year, we were changing our shoes in the parking lot,” Scottie says with a chuckle. They saw less of each other when Scottie went to college at Texas and Sam decamped for LSU, but they reconnected when Scottie joined Sam on TOUR for the 2020 season. Their first time staying together was the two-week stretch in Ohio for consecutive events at Muirfield Village Golf Club. The Schefflers were engaged, and Meredith was still working in Dallas. She was astonished when Scottie texted her to say he was eating pasta made from chickpeas, a healthier option she’d been unsuccessful in convincing him to try. “Who is this saint that’s getting my husband to eat chickpea pasta?” she remembers thinking. It was Caroline, who quickly became friends with Meredith when she joined them on the road after she and Scottie got married later that year. The group’s conversations cover a wide variety of topics when they’re together in the evenings, but golf is rarely one of them. Scottie and Sam cover that during their infamously mediocre practice rounds. The ongoing joke is that if one of them can break par on Tuesday, he’ll probably win that week. They bicker like brothers, arguing over Scottie’s slow response to text messages or Sam’s selective hearing when looking at his phone. The competitiveness that serves them well on the course spills over to the board game Sequence or gin rummy. While some play games for the conversation, for Scottie and Sam it’s admittedly about winning. Sometimes each couple is a team. Other times, it’s husbands versus wives. Caroline, who ran track in high school, shares Sam’s competitive streak. Debating who would win a 60-yard dash between her and her husband turns into accusations about Sam’s false start the first time they lined up. He sarcastically responds that his reaction time is simply superior. “We try not to let them be on the same team too much because if they lose, they fight,” Scottie interjects, hoping to fan the flames. Sam responds, his expression deadpan: “We’re very competitive, so if we don’t see the other one giving their best effort then we need to let them know.” Meredith is the least competitive. “Except when she’s playing against me,” Scottie says. She is known more for being a peacemaker and for her popcorn, which she makes with a machine she brings from home. Garlic hummus is another staple in their house. Even in their sarcasm is their affection apparent. The evening is coming to an end and Payne wraps it up with a soliloquy on the importance of friendship. “We were created for community and fellowship,” he says in closing. And, with that, it is Scottie’s turn to do the dishes.

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Final Round
Type: Final Round Specials – Status: OPEN
Jordan Smith to win by 3 or more Shots+600
Jordan Smith Exactly 68+800
Any Player to have 18 Consecutive Pars+5000
Ewen Ferguson exactly 68 & Kazuki Higa exactly 68+10000
Jordan Smith exactly 68 & Ewen Ferguson exactly 68+10000
Jordan Smith exactly 68 & Yannik Paul exactly 69+10000
Both Smith and Ferguson Bogey Free+15000
Final Round 3 Balls – G. Kristjansson / Min Woo Lee / R. Paratore
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Min Woo Lee-165
Renato Paratore+220
Gudmundur Kristjansson+500
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Del Rey / K.K. Johannessen / M. Baldwin
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Matthew Baldwin+160
Alejandro Del Rey+175
Kristian Krogh Johannessen+185
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Levy / C. Shinkwin / R. McGowan
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Callum Shinkwin+120
Alexander Levy+200
Ross McGowan+220
Final Round 3 Balls – M. Schmitt / P. Waring / R. Santos
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Paul Waring+120
Maximilian Schmitt+200
Ricardo Santos+220
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Etchenique / B. Horschel / L. De Jager
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Billy Horschel-125
Louis De Jager+190
Andoni Etchenique+400
Final Round 3 Balls – D. Brown / H. Du Plessis / M. Kinhult
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Hennie Du Plessis+160
Daniel Brown+170
Marcus Kinhult+200
Final Round 3 Balls – N. Kimsey / S. Tarrio / T. Lawrence
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Nathan Kimsey+125
Thriston Lawrence+150
Santiago Tarrio+300
Final Round 3 Balls – D. Huizing / M. Warren / R. Cabrera-Bello
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Rafa Cabrera-Bello+150
Daan Huizing+170
Marc Warren+210
Final Round 3 Balls – C. Bring / G. Migliozzi / J. Dantorp
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Guido Migliozzi-105
Jens Dantorp+170
Christoffer Bring+375
Final Round 3 Balls – J. Campillo / R. Ramsay / W. Besseling
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Jorge Campillo+130
Richie Ramsay+145
Wil Besseling+300
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Wilson / D. Law / J. Parry
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
David Law+135
Andrew Wilson+180
John Parry+220
Final Round 3 Balls – F. Schott / J. Veerman / K. Aphibarnrat
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Kiradech Aphibarnrat+150
Johannes Veerman+175
Freddy Schott+200
Day 3 – 2 Balls – L. Grant vs M. Khang
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Linn Grant-120
Megan Khang+100
Final Round 3 Balls – E. Molinari / L. Canter / T. Detry
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Thomas Detry+105
Laurie Canter+200
Edoardo Molinari+260
Day 3 – 2 Balls – L. Maguire vs R. Zhang
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Leona Maguire-130
Rose Zhang+110
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Sullivan / B. Easton / C. Hill
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Calum Hill+130
Andy Sullivan+170
Bryce Easton+240
Day 3 – 2 Balls – C. Hull vs D. Kang
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Charley Hull-120
Danielle Kang+100
Final Round 3 Balls – J. Axelsen / M. Southgate / T. Kim
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Tom Kim-115
Matthew Southgate+200
John Axelsen+350
Day 3 – 2 Balls – A. Nordqvist vs J. Kupcho
Type: Including Tie – Status: OPEN
Jennifer Kupcho+100
Anna Nordqvist+110
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Garcia-Heredia / J. Winther / S. Garcia
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Jeff Winther+145
Alfredo Garcia-Heredia+170
Sebastian Garcia+220
Day 3 – 2 Balls – G. Hall vs A. Lee
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Andrea Lee-110
Georgia Hall-110
Solheim Cup / Ryder Cup
Type: Solheim Cup / Ryder Cup – Status: OPEN
Europe (Solheim Cup) / USA (Ryder Cup)+300
USA (Solheim Cup) / USA (Ryder Cup)+330
Europe (Solheim Cup) / Europe (Ryder Cup)+400
USA (Solheim Cup) / Europe (Ryder Cup)+450
Europe 1-3 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & Europe 1-3 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+1600
USA 1-3 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & USA 1-3 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+1600
USA 1-3 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & USA 4-6 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+1800
Europe 1-3 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & Europe 4-6 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+2500
Europe 4-6 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & Europe 1-3 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+3500
USA 4-6 (Solheim Cup Winning Margin) & USA 1-3 (Ryder Cup Winning Margin)+4000
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Final Round 3 Balls – J. Gough / S. Forsstrom / T. Olesen
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Thorbjorn Olesen-105
Simon Forsstrom+200
John Gough+300
Day 3 – 2 Balls – G. Dryburgh vs C. Knight
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Cheyenne Knight-130
Gemma Dryburgh+110
Final Round 3 Balls – A. Otaegui / A. Saddier / L. Nemecz
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Adrian Otaegui+115
Adrien Saddier+175
Lukas Nemecz+280
Day 3 – 2 Balls – C. Boutier vs A. Yin
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Celine Boutier-140
Angel Yin+115
Final Round 3 Balls – J. Brun / R. Hojgaard / R. Mansell
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Rasmus Hojgaard+145
Julien Brun+180
Richard Mansell+210
Day 3 – 2 Balls – C. Hedwall vs A. Ewing
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Ally Ewing-140
Caroline Hedwall+115
Final Round 3 Balls – R. Hisatsune / Y. Paul / Z. Lombard
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Yannik Paul+115
Ryo Hisatsune+175
Zander Lombard+275
Day 3 – 2 Balls – M. Sagstrom vs L. Vu
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Lilia Vu-120
Madelene Sagstrom+100
Final Round 3 Balls – E. Ferguson / J. Smith / K. Higa
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Jordan Smith+110
Ewen Ferguson+170
Kazuki Higa+300
Day 3 – 2 Balls – M. Stark vs A. Corpuz
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Allisen Corpuz-120
Maja Stark+100
Day 3 – 2 Balls – C. Ciganda vs N. Korda
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Carlota Ciganda-110
Nelly Korda-110
Day 3 – 2 Balls – E. Pedersen vs L. Thompson
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Emily Pedersen -115
Lexi Thompson-105
Pure Insurance Championship
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Justin Leonard+150
Steven Alker+425
Thongchai Jaidee+500
Arjun Atwal+550
Y.E. Yang+600
Paul Stankowski+750
Vijay Singh+900
Lee Janzen+1100
Jerry Kelly+2500
Dicky Pride+5000
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Final Round 3 Balls – T. Gooch / A. Ancer / T. Pieters
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Talor Gooch+140
Abraham Ancer+170
Thomas Pieters+225
Final Round 3 Balls – B. DeChambeau / B. Koepka / I. Poulter
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Bryson DeChambeau+135
Brooks Koepka+160
Ian Poulter+250
Final Round 3 Balls – C. Ortiz / M. Leishman / S. Vincent
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Carlos Ortiz+150
Marc Leishman+170
Scott Vincent+210
Final Round 3 Balls – D. Burmester / L. Oosthuizen / H. Stenson
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Dean Burmester+150
Louis Oosthuizen+175
Henrik Stenson+200
Final Round 3 Balls – E. Lopez-Chacarra / P. Uihlein / R. Bland
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra+175
Peter Uihlein+175
Richard Bland+175
Final Round 3 Balls – D. Johnson / S. Munoz / A. Lahiri
Type: Final Round 3 Balls – Status: OPEN
Dustin Johnson+140
Sebastian Munoz+190
Anirban Lahiri+200
Final Round Match-Up – D. Burmester vs J. Kokrak
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Dean Burmester-115
Jason Kokrak-105
Final Round Match-Up – B. DeChambeau vs T. Gooch
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Bryson DeChambeau-115
Talor Gooch-105
Final Round Match-Up – D. Johnson vs B. Koepka
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Dustin Johnson-120
Brooks Koepka+100
Final Round Match-Up – A. Lahiri vs S. Munoz
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Anirban Lahiri-110
Sebastian Munoz-110
Final Round Match-Up – E. Lopez-Chacarra vs I. Poulter
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra-110
Ian Poulter-110
Final Round Match-Up – L. Oosthuizen vs H. Stenson
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Louis Oosthuizen-115
Henrik Stenson-105
Final Round Match-Up – C. Ortiz vs B. Steele
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Carlos Ortiz-120
Brendan Steele+100
Final Round Match-Up – M. Leishman vs T. Pieters
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Marc Leishman-110
Thomas Pieters-110
Final Round Match-Up – P. Reed vs J. Niemann
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Patrick Reed-120
Joaquin Niemann+100
Final Round Match-Up – P. Uihlein vs R. Bland
Type: Final Round Match-Up – Status: OPEN
Peter Uihlein-110
Richard Bland-110
Ryder Cup 2023
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Player Points – Brian Harman
Type: Player Points – Brian Harman – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+130
Under 1.5-175
Player Points – Brooks Koepka
Type: Player Points – Brooks Koepka – Status: OPEN
Over 2.5+130
Under 2.5-175
Player Points – Collin Morikawa
Type: Player Points – Collin Morikawa – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5+115
Over 1.5-150
Player Points – Justin Rose
Type: Player Points – Justin Rose – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5-110
Under 1.5-120
Player Points – Jordan Spieth
Type: Player Points – Jordan Spieth – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5-145
Under 1.5+110
Player Points – Justin Thomas
Type: Player Points – Justin Thomas – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5+115
Over 1.5-150
Player Points – Matt Fitzpatrick
Type: Player Points – Matt Fitzpatrick – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5-150
Under 1.5+115
Player Points – Nicolai Hojgaard
Type: Player Points – Nicolai Hojgaard – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+130
Under 1.5-175
Player Points – Patrick Cantlay
Type: Player Points – Patrick Cantlay – Status: OPEN
Under 2.5-135
Over 2.5+105
Player Points – Rickie Fowler
Type: Player Points – Rickie Fowler – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5-105
Under 1.5-125
Player Points – Robert MacIntyre
Type: Player Points – Robert MacIntyre – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+140
Under 1.5-190
Player Points – Rory McIlroy
Type: Player Points – Rory McIlroy – Status: OPEN
Over 2.5-125
Under 2.5-105
Player Points – Sepp Straka
Type: Player Points – Sepp Straka – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+120
Under 1.5-160
Player Points – Viktor Hovland
Type: Player Points – Viktor Hovland – Status: OPEN
Over 2.5-105
Under 2.5-125
Player Points – Tyrrell Hatton
Type: Player Points – Tyrrell Hatton – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5+120
Over 1.5-155
Player Points – Xander Schauffele
Type: Player Points – Xander Schauffele – Status: OPEN
Over 2.5+105
Under 2.5-135
Player Points – Max Homa
Type: Player Points – Max Homa – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5+115
Over 1.5-150
Player Points – Sam Burns
Type: Player Points – Sam Burns – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+105
Under 1.5-135
Player Points – Scottie Scheffler
Type: Player Points – Scottie Scheffler – Status: OPEN
Over 2.5-145
Under 2.5+110
Player Points – Wyndham Clark
Type: Player Points – Wyndham Clark – Status: OPEN
Over 1.5+115
Under 1.5-150
Player Points – Jon Rahm
Type: Player Points – Jon Rahm – Status: OPEN
Under 2.5-105
Over 2.5-125
Player Points – Ludvig Aberg
Type: Player Points – Ludvig Aberg – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5+135
Over 1.5-175
Player Points – Tommy Fleetwood
Type: Player Points – Tommy Fleetwood – Status: OPEN
Under 2.5-190
Over 2.5+140
Player Points – Shane Lowry
Type: Player Points – Shane Lowry – Status: OPEN
Under 1.5-150
Over 1.5+115
Tournament Specials
Type: Tournament Specials – Status: OPEN
Any Hole to be Halved with Eagles+250
Hole in One+400
USA to get 19+ Points+700
USA to win all 3 Days+750
Europe to win all 3 days+900
McIlroy or Scheffler to get 5 Points+1200
USA to win all 5 Sessions+5000
Europe to win all 5 sessions+8000
All 3 Days to be Tied (4-4 ,4-4 & 6-6)+25000
Major Specials 2024
Type: To Win A Major 2024 – Status: OPEN
Scottie Scheffler+175
Jon Rahm+225
Rory McIlroy+225
Viktor Hovland+250
Brooks Koepka+350
Patrick Cantlay+400
Xander Schauffele+400
Jordan Spieth+450
Cameron Smith+500
Collin Morikawa+500
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The Masters 2024
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Jon Rahm+700
Scottie Scheffler+900
Rory McIlroy+1000
Brooks Koepka+1200
Jordan Spieth+1400
Viktor Hovland+1400
Patrick Cantlay+1800
Cameron Smith+2000
Collin Morikawa+2000
Justin Thomas+2000
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PGA Championship 2024
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Scottie Scheffler+800
Jon Rahm+900
Rory McIlroy+1000
Brooks Koepka+1400
Viktor Hovland+1600
Patrick Cantlay+2000
Xander Schauffele+2000
Cameron Smith+2500
Collin Morikawa+2500
Dustin Johnson+3000
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US Open 2024
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Jon Rahm+800
Scottie Scheffler+900
Rory McIlroy+1000
Brooks Koepka+1400
Viktor Hovland+1400
Cameron Smith+2000
Patrick Cantlay+2000
Xander Schauffele+2000
Collin Morikawa+2500
Cameron Young+3000
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The Open Championship 2024
Type: Winner – Status: OPEN
Rory McIlroy+800
Jon Rahm+1000
Scottie Scheffler+1000
Viktor Hovland+1400
Brooks Koepka+2000
Cameron Smith+2000
Patrick Cantlay+2000
Rickie Fowler+2000
Collin Morikawa+2500
Jordan Spieth+2500
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