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Richard T, Los Angeles CA.

Rating 5/5

If you are new to sports betting I strongly recommend buying this book: King Yao’s Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting and then visit this site to find teh best sportsbooks. This will take you from a total newb to an advanced beginner in the shortest time possible and will make you +EV in sports betting to a certain degree.

Roger L, Bowling Green KY.

Rating 2/5

The focus seemed to centre on sports I was not prepared to bet on. Not enough strategy. Disappointed in the site. It was not on SPORTS BETTING- just on sportsbooks.

Alex G, London U.K.

Rating 4/5

I always was intrigued about the lines and odds in sport betting, but never knew where to gamble. This site showed me the way. The only little negative is that it does not cover soccer just American sports

William C, Las Vegas NV.

Rating 5/5

I agree as many of the other reviews before. That’s it’s a good site for beginners in sports betting. If you never done sports betting and want to learn more about where you should deposit your money, this is the site for you.

James D, New York NY.

Rating 4/5

This site is nice. I gave this site 4 stars as I was primarily looking for handicapping ideas or methods whereas the owner excels in providing “betting” advice which he has learned through the use of his extensive databases.

This site is essential reading if one is new to sports gambling

Overall, very good site.

Robert C, Los Angeles CA.

Rating 5/5

Pretty good sports site. Yes there are others, may be slightly better but like all the best, they are super busy.

Overall they do a nice job here and have a lot of news which is sweet between the ads.

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